Custom blockchain solutions for enterprise and industry.

From prototypes to production systems, Blockchain Acuity partners with industry leaders to bring blockchain networks to market.

Blockchain Acuity is a consultancy and full stack development firm, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to helping companies get the most from Blockchain technology, we also build custom solutions on a variety of different platforms such as Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple and HyperLedger.


From initial design through to launch and operation of production networks, we invest in deep ongoing relationships with our partners at whatever stage they’re at in their process.

Design Study

  • Identify market opportunity
  • Design blockchain solution
  • Build demo
  • Do market study


  • Build prototype
  • Share with key stakeholders
  • Plan go-to-market strategy


  • Deploy network with real assets
  • Share with participants at a limited scale
  • Plan production strategy
  • Approve regulations


  • Launch production network
  • Scale new product marketing
  • Operate network at scale
  • Implement operational support infrastructure
  • Plan expansion


  • Extend network to new products
  • Scale participation
  • Add geographies
  • Transform the market

Customer Support

  • SLAs and on-call support
  • Integration engineering